AR-15 – Detailed Step By Step Assembly / Build Instructions (HD)

The AR-15 is the most common rifle in the U.S.A. It is a semi-automatic rifle modeled after the military’s automatic M16. The rifle is modular and can be customized with many different accessories. In this video, I discuss the full assembly of an AR-15 from individual parts. 1-1 Magazine Catch [01:30] 1-2 Bolt Catch [03:10] […]

How To Build a Basic AR-15

*Many have expressed concern over not headspacing this setup. Barrel assemblies and factory uppers come pre-headspaced. We will be covering headspacing in a separate video to clear up this much confused topic. In this video we go over the entire process of assembling a basic 16″ AR-15 carbine. The AR-15 is ubiquitous with American firearms […]