Bow Trap ~ Lethal ~ Primitive ~ Survival

Demonstrating how to build a Bow Trap, with a Yew Self Bow.
Please, be safe and take care if you build, practice or use this trap, its extremely dangerous.
Its illegal in most countries to leave a trap of this nature unattended.
To me, this is a long term survival trap, or to be used in a survival situation with a large group to feed. Personally, I believe its easier to trap and hunt small game in a survival setting. Small game is easier to trap, usually in more abundance than large game, and you don’t have to worry about preserving all that meat.
This trap is still used by small tribes across the world, including the Nuaulu tribe in Indonesia. They use most types of bow and spear traps to harvest pigs (wild boar) and other similar animals and mammals. When set correctly and discretely, this trap is an officiant way to harvest large game.

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