Poison Hemlock Identification and Yarrow Comparison

In this video we take a look at Yarrow, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Poison Hemlock and compare them for identification purposes. In field guides you will most likely see a warning about confusing these plants,, however we will see how different they really look. Poisonous plants like Hemlock are very common in the plant world and should be learned for safety purposes.

The differences between these plants are large. Whether it’s the leaves, the stems or the flowers these plants look nothing a like. Yarrow’s leaves are very finely cut and rather small and delicate. Wild carrot or queen Anne’s Lace’s leaves are larger, and the stem has hairs opposed to Yarrow’s wooly covering. Hemlocks leaves are larger than a hand and it’s stem is mottled with purple. Hemlock also grows several feet taller than Yarrow or Wild Carrot.

Yarrow Identification: https://youtu.be/TzdEmDYghhY


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