5 Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants That Can Harm You

In this video we discuss 5 wild edibles and medicinal plants that can harm you. We’ll also talk a bit about the chemicals that make these plants harmful if used improperly. Mayapple, or Podophyllum peltatum is commonly gathered for it’s edible fruits but the rest of the plant is deadly poisonous. Containing Podophyllotoxin this plant can be disruptive to the cellular mitosis and inhibit DNA synthesis within the cell. This has a devastating effect on healthy tissue and can cause respiratory failure as well as abnormal heart rate and function. The Dandelion is one of the most popular wild edibles and medicinal plant but even it can be harmful to some people. Generally considered safe the dandelion contains taraxacin which gives it blood pressure lowering capabilities, but can be dangerous in those already taking medications for those symptoms. It also has the power to lower blood sugar levels which can cause problems in diabetics as well. While each one of these plants are edible and/or medicinal, they can be rather harmful if used improperly or on the wrong person.

Plants in this video are Mayapple, Boneset, Dandelion, Wild Lettuce, and Pokeweed.

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