20 Critical Tips on How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Will North Korea launch nuclear missles? Will they start WW3? What should you do in case of nuclear war? Do you have a plan to survive a nuclear attack? If you don’t have a clue what supplies you should consider, we’ve put together the top 20 things you absolutely must have to survive a nuclear war and total economic collapse.

Some of the critical items needed can be purchased affordably using the links below:

Fallout Shelter Design Books
Portable Water Filters
Down Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Cots
Durable Military Backpacks
Ready To Eat Meals (MRE’s)
Freeze Dried Foods
* Potassium Iodide
* Radiation Detectors
Medical/First Aid Kits
First Aid Books
Swiss Army Knives
Fixed Blade Hunting Knives
Emergency Radios
Portable Ham Radios

More information on Potassium iodide from the CDC

Nobody ever wants to experience the devastation caused by nuclear weapons. For decades, the Soviet Union and the United States have built and tested hundreds of different nuclear bombs. With so many nuclear blasts documented with video evidence and after the U.S. bombed Japan, seeing first-hand the devastation, the world clearly doesn’t want to experience it ever again. Fortunately, we’ve avoided all-out nuclear war in the 21st century. But today, the threat of nuclear war is still very real. Whether in the hands of a small country or a top nation state, nuclear war is something everyone should be prepared for. Much like planning for economic collapse and other events, it’s important to have a plan and supplies in place.

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