Norwood LumberPro HD36 Portable Band Sawmill – Manual or Hydraulic … It’s Your Choice!

The Norwood LumberPro HD36 portable band sawmill mills logs up to 36″ (91cm) in diameter into boards up to 28″ (71cm) wide.

Standard, the LumberPro HD36 comes in affordable stationary manual configuration. Fully-hydraulic functionality is easily available whenever you choose by adding hydraulic modules.

This video shows the Norwood LumberPro HD36 portable sawmill and many of the available optional manual attachments; such as trailer system, toe boards, log loading, rolling and ramp system, rapid dogging and rolling system, log rest actuators and auto-dogging system.

This video also shows the Norwood LumberPro HD36 portable sawmill in fully-hydraulic configuration:

1. power feed and sawhead
2. hydraulic log loaders
3. hydraulic toe boards
4. hydraulic log clamping
5. hydraulic chain log turner
6. board return

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