AR-15 – Detailed Step By Step Assembly / Build Instructions (HD)

The AR-15 is the most common rifle in the U.S.A. It is a semi-automatic rifle modeled after the military’s automatic M16. The rifle is modular and can be customized with many different accessories. In this video, I discuss the full assembly of an AR-15 from individual parts. 1-1 Magazine Catch [01:30] 1-2 Bolt Catch [03:10] […]

How To Build a Basic AR-15

*Many have expressed concern over not headspacing this setup. Barrel assemblies and factory uppers come pre-headspaced. We will be covering headspacing in a separate video to clear up this much confused topic. In this video we go over the entire process of assembling a basic 16″ AR-15 carbine. The AR-15 is ubiquitous with American firearms […]

BEST Survival Knife for $50 U.S.? – Schrade Extreme Survival Knives

NEW – Best Knife for Survival – UNDER $50 US – Schrade Extreme Survival knife Review from ultimatesurvivaltips.com/ We’ll do some bushcraft, start a fire, chop a tree and throw this knife. We’ll see if it’s the best survival knife for the money and the new ultimate survival knife…

LifeCard 22lr Pistol – World’s Smallest Pistol?

We here at SHTF.TV just had to post this video. This is one of the smallest and discreet guns you can buy! Is it practical? Is it a toy, or good for real world self-defence? You’ll need to decide that for yourself. The LifeCard is a very small, lightweight, and easy to conceal pistol. It […]

Henry AR 7 Survival Rifle

Shooting and discussing the very interesting little AR 7 survival rifle. We appreciate Bud’s lending us this rifle! ——————- ———————— Please visit the Hickok45.com website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN SHOP, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL PREMIUM, SONORAN DESERT INSTITUTE, SHOOT SOME STEEL, and VAULTEK […]

The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle

You never know what you’re going to find at gun show. While not rare, the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga AND 7.62×39 is one very cool firearm. We hope you enjoy the video and as always “Thanks For Watching!” If you like this video Please Like, Favorite, Share and Subscribe. Info and links below, […]