Testing The Cheapest Axe On AMAZON

How Can A $20 Axe Be This Good ???? The Trail Boss is light and compact enough to carry all day in your hand or strapped to your pack, yet heavy and tough enough for chores that would make a hatchet or tomahawk scream for mercy. Featuring a European style head with a 4″ blade […]

Ray Mears – Choosing and using an axe, Bushcraft Survival

Ray Mears explains the differences and key uses of the three most popular Gransfors Bruks Axes – the Scandinavian Axe, Small Forest Axe and Wildlife Hatchet Axe. If you can’t find these locally, all the Gransfors Bruks Axes in the video are available below… This clip comes from the DVD extras of Ray Mears Bushcraft […]

New Big Top & Little Big Top Backpacks from Eberlestock!

Choosing the right gear for your hunting adventure is important. Hunter Brandon Mason will help you narrow it down with this overview of the latest backpacks by Eberlestock. The Big Top and Little Big Top packs are versatile and built to last. These packs are available from Amazon & Blackovis (Lowest prices). See links below.. […]

Wood-Mizer LT10 entry-level sawmill – Amazing Sawmill For $4200

The Wood-Mizer LT10 is the ideal affordable sawmill for low-volume or occasional timber processing. Woodworkers, farmers, furniture makers, and builders who want to save money by producing their own sawn timber from logs will find that the LT10 will exceed their expectations for an entry-level sawmill.

Logosol M8 | The Swedish Portable Sawmill | LOGOSOL

Logosol M8 — The Swedish Portable Sawmill With the Logosol Sawmill M8 you can quickly produce high-class planks and boards from your logs, in the length and dimensions of your choice. The sawmill is simple to use — and easy to own. If you have not cut timber before, the M8 is the perfect choice. […]


How to outfit a backwoods cabin with very little investment. Here you will find videos for homesteading and living off the grid with helpful DIY projects for the self sufficient lifestyle. Sharing knowledge from over 30 years of living in the woods. Royalty free audio files provided by and Footage Firm which I am […]