How To Build Lightweight, Super Strong Folding Sawhorses in Less Than 2 Hours – In this video, Henry Reinders shows you how to build these very strong plywood folding sawhorses. They can handle a lot of weight and are easily folded up. They take up very little space in your vehicle, garage or shop.

How To Cut Glass – It’s a Snap – In this video Henry Reinders shows you how to cut plate glass with just a few simple tools. Henry also shows you how to easily remove old glass from wood windows and how to make curved glass cuts as well as complete circle cuts. Cutting glass is not hard and you can save […]

How To Build a Bug & Rodent Proof Shallow Well Cover! – In this video Henry Reinders is going to show you how to build a shallow well cover that is 100% insect, snake, frog, rodent and kid proof (small kids that is). It is easy to build and only takes an afternoon to do so. Cost is about $100 At the end of the […]