Cosmic Journeys – Solar Superstorms

A fury is building on the surface of the Sun – high-velocity jets, a fiery tsunami wave that reaches 100,000 kilometers high, rising loops of electrified gas. What’s driving these strange phenomena? How will they affect planet Earth? Find the answers as we venture into the seething interior of our star. Solar Superstorms is a […]

20 Critical Tips on How To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Will North Korea launch nuclear missles? Will they start WW3? What should you do in case of nuclear war? Do you have a plan to survive a nuclear attack? If you don’t have a clue what supplies you should consider, we’ve put together the top 20 things you absolutely must have to survive a nuclear […]

11 New Signs Of The Imminent Economic Collapse Of America

The Crash Is Coming! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K-zGzDCh6o The Economic Collapse of America is imminent. After President Donald Trump Speech on congress, nobody should have any more doubt that the American Economy has been in the process of Collapsing. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the […]

30 Things You Should Do To Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse & Stock Market CRASH!

Today, millions of Americans say that they believe that the United States is on the verge of a major economic collapse and will soon be entering another big stock market crash and Great Depression. But only a small percentage of those same people are prepared for that to happen.  The sad truth is that the vast majority of […]

Retired Navy SEAL breaks down threat of EMP attack on US

David Sears says threat from North Korea is real, would be devastating