The Amazing & Indestructible Bushcraft Knife – Morakniv Robust

Cutting Bricks, Nails and Wire! We tested the Morakniv Robust to it’s limits – as in ten times more abuse than it will likely ever see!  Is it robust? Can we still use it? Watch to find out! Morakniv Robust is Inexpensive & Indestructible! Hard to believe it sells for less than $14 here on […]

BEST Survival Knife for $50 U.S.? – Schrade Extreme Survival Knives

NEW – Best Knife for Survival – UNDER $50 US – Schrade Extreme Survival knife Review from We’ll do some bushcraft, start a fire, chop a tree and throw this knife. We’ll see if it’s the best survival knife for the money and the new ultimate survival knife…

Ray Mears – Choosing and using an axe, Bushcraft Survival

Ray Mears explains the differences and key uses of the three most popular Gransfors Bruks Axes – the Scandinavian Axe, Small Forest Axe and Wildlife Hatchet Axe. If you can’t find these locally, all the Gransfors Bruks Axes in the video are available below… This clip comes from the DVD extras of Ray Mears Bushcraft […]