Preserving Hides for Tanning, Salt, Dry or Freeze? How To

In this video I demonstrate salting a hide to preserve it for later use and talk about various options for preserving skins. The common options are freezing, drying and salting or of course you can tan the skin fresh off the animal. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Drying is a lot of work and resoaking the skins thoroughly after drying is even more work. Freezing is easy if you have room. Salting is easy and cheaper than running a freezer. Salting keeps skins in a semi wet state so salted hides are easier to resoak for tanning than dried skins. For saving skins with the hair on, I would prefer to work them fresh or freeze them.

It’s deer season, so you can preserve your deer hides or hides you collect for tanning later by freezing, salting or drying.

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