Underground Apocalyptic Bunker Build – 5 Video Series

Colin Fruze is known on YouTube for his crazy projects and off the wall humour – that aside, this is one of the better underground bunker construction videos we have seen – enjoy! They are as educational as they are funny! Built by Colin Fruze and Friends.

YouTube Description: An UNDERGROUND BUNKER in the back garden, i have dreamt of this for a while now to go with my superhero mods and crazy inventions so when asked what i would do if faced with the end of the world the 2 ideas become one and so here we go i’m building a full scale full on bunker in my own back yard……..and someone else is paying muhahahaha. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next videos as this is a large project and is not going to happen overnight

Want to know more about it, check out this Q&A article on his bunker or his follow up Q&A Video


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