The Best Log Home Building Videos Available! – 5 Hour DVD Set

How to build handcrafted, scribe-fit log home walls from the master teacher and builder Robert W. Chambers. Chainsaw and hand-tool techniques are demonstrated. Animations are used to teach log building fundamentals. Saddle notches and long-grooves (laterals) are scribed and cut. State of the art techniques for doing it yourself — Building your own log home. These DVDs are not about milled, factory-made, manufactured log kits. Instead, Chambers teaches the handcrafted methods using naturally-shaped logs that are fitted tightly to each other without gaps and without chinking. Chambers shows how to use a scriber to trace the contours of one log onto the other. Robert W. Chambers has been building log homes since 1983, teaching log home construction since 1985, and is author of the best-selling book — the Log Construction Manual, and the maker of the ChambersScriber tool — both his book and scriber are for sale at Amazon.

Staff of SHTF.TV Own These DVD’s & Book and highly recommend them – the DVD & Book provide exceptional training!!

Buy Them Here on AmazonLog Building DVD | Companion Book

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