The Ultimate 288 Page Comprehensive Guide To Aquaponics – And It’s FREE!

288 Page Comprehensive Guide To Aquaponics
38 MB PDF – Please Be Patient

If you are thinking about, or planning to setup a Small Scale Aquaponic System, this Aquaponics guide is a Must Have Resource – and it is free to download!

We found this Aquaponic publication quite by accident. It is not one that typically shows up in Google search results, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have stumbled upon it – it is a fantastic resource for small scale Aquaponic systems!

It is 288 pages of detailed Aquaponic information and includes 100’s of easy to follow diagrams and photographs. It is published by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – an agency of the United Nations.

Overall the guide is well organized and the table of contents is well structured. The book will take you through all the technical and design aspects of setting up an Aquaponic system that will produce well, and avoid the many pitfalls common to Aquaponics.

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