About Us

SHTF.TV brings you the best videos on Preparedness & Self-Sufficiency. All videos are hand picked and filtered to ensure you get the best of what is available on YouTube.

For those paying attention to world events, economists and the science community, it is not a matter of if something big will happen, it is a matter of “WHEN”. Regardless of what you think is coming, be it economic collapse, global warfare, nuclear war, pandemic or a cyber attack on the Western world, SHTF.TV provides videos to prepare for all the potential threats we may face in the future.

At SHTF.TV we are not about promoting Doomsday or End Times fear. We believe in the “Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst” mentality and not all the fear mongering prevalent on the Internet today. Our website reflects this perspective and we aim to provide a large variety of videos in numerous categories to suit all types of Preppers.

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