How To Butcher A Deer

How To Butcher A Deer.This is the most detailed and in-depth Deer butchery video going.I show the complete process from start to finish,with clear instructions,which you can replicate on your own deer, and achieve fantastic results.A great video for the budding home butcher,deer stalker and hunter.Many thanks. Please Subscribe to my channel by clicking on […]

How to Field Dress a Deer (or Any Antlered Game) with Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella gives a very detailed, step-by-step account of how to gut any horned or antlered game. Excellent detailed information on field dressing game. The knife used here is a Havalon Piranta: Follow us: Web: Facebook: MeatEater on Twitter: Steven Rinella on Twitter: Google +: MeatEater Tumblr: Trophy […]

Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

Although The Author of this video may not strike you as the typical Prepper or Homesteader, he knows his shit and this is “One of The Best” guides to cast iron cookware we have found! If you want to know about cast iron cookware this is a great resource… Video starts a bit slow but […]
The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power | Tin Hat Ranch

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power | Tin Hat Ranch

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Off Grid Solar Power from Tin Hat Ranch | Subscribe: Popular Uploads: DIY Solar power may seem like a daunting task. Fear not, this video WILL set you on the right path. We start by unraveling the mystery of off-grid solar power and teach you the basics, how […]

Primitive Technology – Bushcraft & Forgotten Skills – 30 Video Series

This is the collection of videos on bushcraft and forgotten skills of the past from the Primitive Technology channel on YouTube. It is a very popular series with over 6 million subscribers – amazing considering the content creator (we think his name is John) never speaks in his videos. (Visited 354 times, 1 visits today)


Simply The *BEST* Chicken Breeds For Any Homestead~

Simply The *BEST* Chicken Breeds For Any Homestead~

There are so many wonderful chicken breeds to choose from, but no matter how many seasoned homesteaders you talk to, most of them have common chicken breeds that always give back so much more than what they put in. Here are a few breeds we have enjoyed and highly recommend. Enjoy and thanks so much […]


Off-Grid Tiny House TOUR: Fy Nyth Nestled in Wyoming Mountains

Off-Grid Tiny House TOUR: Fy Nyth Nestled in Wyoming Mountains

An in-depth tour of Ariel McGlothin’s off-grid tiny house lifestyle in the mountains of western Wyoming. CAUTION: Your fantasy bubble may be burst! This is a REAL-world view of what it takes to run a sustainable, off-grid homestead. Ariel’s converted her Astro Van into a delightfully simple and functional adventure mobile. This is her second […]
Off The Grid In Alaska ~ A Tiny Home & Farm In The Alaska Bush ~ Full Tour

Off The Grid In Alaska ~ A Tiny Home & Farm In The Alaska Bush ~ Full Tour

This video is full of fantastic information as well as great motivational topics! Bob was nice enough to allow G and I onto his property and discuss his farm and lifestyle. Believe it or not, Bob was VERY nervous when we first began the videos. However, right when we began speaking his passion came forward […]

Prepping on a Budget: Sootch00

Sensible Prepper Presents: “Prepping on a Budget” Part One. This is Sootch00 talking about ways to buy and sell on a Budget at the “Sensible Prepper Conference” October 2011. Sootch00 Channel: Part two continues “Prepping on a Budget” Thanks for watching! Sootch00 (Visited 109 times, 1 visits today)

Lloyd Kahn on his NorCal self-reliant half-acre homestead

At 80 years old, Lloyd Kahn is an icon of alternative housing. In the seventies he was a poster child of the geodesic dome (he published Domebook One and Two and he and his dome home were featured in Life magazine). He got his start in publishing when Stewart Brand made him the shelter editor […]


3 Easy Spring Snare Traps ~ Primitive ~ Survival

3 Easy Spring Snare Traps ~ Primitive ~ Survival

Demonstrating a Lock, Roller & Primitive spring snare. Just key words Snare, Snaring, Snares, Tracking, Trap, Trapping, Survival, Self reliance, Bushcraft, Primitive, Small – Medium Game, Pest Control, Vermin, (Visited 330 times, 1 visits today)
Banana Land – Blood, Bullets & Poison (English)

Banana Land – Blood, Bullets & Poison (English)

The Disconnect: For consumers, bananas are a delicious and nutritious start to the day, a healthy snack and a fixture in our fruit bowls. For millions of residents in the banana lands, the production of bananas means social upheaval, violence and pesticide poisoning. Banana Land explores the origins of these disparate realities, and opens the […]

Bow Trap ~ Lethal ~ Primitive ~ Survival

Demonstrating how to build a Bow Trap, with a Yew Self Bow. CAUTION!!! Please, be safe and take care if you build, practice or use this trap, its extremely dangerous. Its illegal in most countries to leave a trap of this nature unattended. To me, this is a long term survival trap, or to be […]



The Money Masters – The rise of the bankers

Full documentary films – The Money Masters – The rise of the bankers If you have a hard time understanding the money system of today, this is a must watch documentary. It explains our debt based system in great detail.   #Money #Masters #Bankers #documentary_films #Documentary #Full_Documentary #doсumentary #full_doсumentary #Doсumentary_Films #Documentaries #HistoryDocumentary (Visited 142 times, […]
Cosmic Journeys – Solar Superstorms

Cosmic Journeys – Solar Superstorms

A fury is building on the surface of the Sun – high-velocity jets, a fiery tsunami wave that reaches 100,000 kilometers high, rising loops of electrified gas. What’s driving these strange phenomena? How will they affect planet Earth? Find the answers as we venture into the seething interior of our star. Solar Superstorms is a […]
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